Stahls adopts Veryfi, Stops spilling ink

March 16, 2018
2 mins read
Stahls adopts Veryfi, Stops spilling ink

    We are now more organized and can focus on other priorities instead of data entry busy work.

    Jennifer J, Vice President – Sales Operations N.A

    Ever wonder who makes all those sports jerseys with the large, glossy names and numbers? Meet STAHLS, a world leader in heat printing technology and garment decoration equipment, products, and printing services since 1932.

    With some 1,000 employees just in the U.S. alone, STAHLS has many expenses to keep track of. And lest you think an old dog can’t learn new tricks, this legacy company was quick to jump on board with Veryfi products and eliminate time-wasting manual expense management. In turn, STAHLS has seen costs plummet and employee productivity skyrocket.

    STAHLS is located Globally. 100 countries worldwide, on four continents.

    Life before Veryfi involved many different expense tracking formats, countless lost receipts, too many paper copies, and way too much admin time. Had STAHLS kept on going down this road, it would have continued to throw away money.

    The accounting department explored several different changes, but nothing stuck. Luckily for STAHLS one of its employees was already using Veryfi for personal financial management and suggested the company have others do a trial run. The results were immediate and obvious: Veryfi provided an accurate, secure, and simple way to track employee expenses. The cost was right, the app was easy to use, and the report outputs exceeded expectations.

    Jennifer J, Vice President of Sales Operations, created her very own how-to guide and started putting Veryfi in the hands of her workers. Having such a large team using the app, Jennifer particularly enjoys the stitch together options for multiple receipts and the notes function. Digital reports also eliminated the need for so many paper records.

    Now STAHLS is more organized and can focus on other priorities instead of data entry busy work.

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