Conflicts in the Field, Worry-Free Expense Management

March 13, 2018
2 mins read
Conflicts in the Field, Worry-Free Expense Management

    You guys really do help make our work around the world possible.

    JR Pershall, Vice President of Preemptive Love

    Preemptive Love Coalition is a nonprofit focused on bringing new opportunities to people whose lives and communities are destroyed by war. In February, the organization marked 10 years of providing emergency relief services and job creation in Syria, Iraq, and other nations.

    With 29 staff members and 5 contractors working in multiple U.S. states and different countries throughout the world, Preemptive Love has many employee expenses to keep track of and in several different currencies. This fractured nature means accuracy is paramount. Preemptive Love needed a solution for keeping monthly credit card expense reporting in check and audits accurate and on time.

    Preemptive Love’s work is time intensive and difficult, so they wanted an expense management solution that would be easy to track across departments, programs, and projects without distracting employees too much. Currency conversion was also important, as so many employees work on projects abroad.

    I was sitting in [Dallas/Fort Worth International] airport looking for a better way to keep tabs on the receipt I had just signed for. I came across Veryfi and started using it as a test. The OCR functionality was more proficient out of the gate than any other solutions I had tried and I was able to sync with BOX and Slack immediately, which was important for archiving and expense awareness.

    JR Pershall, Vice President of Preemptive Love

    Veryfi proved to be the most simple and effective choice, and Preemptive Love’s employees took to it right away. One of the key features for Preemptive Love was how seamlessly Veryfi integrates with existing cloud services.

    Preemptive Love decided to test Veryfi with 3 employees, and the initial phase was so successful that the rest of the company jumped on board soon after. As their own employees put it, Veryfi is appropriate for all technical skill levels.

    Now, when a new hire joins Preemptive Love, they are set up with a Veryfi account as part of the onboarding process.

    JR Pershall, Vice President of Preemptive Love

    For Preemptive Love, the most valuable aspects of Veryfi are individual user control, currency conversion, emailing receipts, and offline functionality. The last one is important for Preemptive Love, as employees are often in remote locations away from their cellular network or any Wi-Fi connection.

    Having an expense management solution like Veryfi has been extremely positive for Preemptive Love. They save time and have eliminated the need to problem-solve financial reports. Preemptive Love can now better analyze its emergency relief and development programming to provide the most support possible to its teams working to save lives and provide emergency aid in conflict zones.

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