Powersoft Presses Mute on Traditional Bookkeeping

May 29, 2018
2 mins read
Powersoft Presses Mute on Traditional Bookkeeping
    Powersoft Audio

    Chances are you’ve already “heard” of Powersoft Audio and didn’t even know it. That’s because the Italian company is a world leader in professional power amplifiers for things like sporting venues, theaters, concerts, theme parks, nightclubs, airports, and other locations where high-quality sound is of the utmost importance. Powersoft’s U.S. headquarters is based on the East Coast and it’s working to scale quickly to be a leader in the domestic sound market. One of the ways to accomplish this growth is finding the type of admin tools that will free up employee time to focus on attracting new clients.

    Enter Veryfi, the bookkeeper in your pocket that does so much more. Powersoft came upon Veryfi’s accounting and expense management solutions through a business partner.

    For Powersoft and its employees, nothing is more important than innovation and efficiency. But doing bookkeeping the old-fashioned way of saving paper receipts was both ineffective and time-consuming. Ultimately it was the customers who were losing the most value.

    Powersoft’s U.S. team is small enough that it can collaborate on solutions to issues like bookkeeping. The team is also keen on using its time wisely, and after making the switch to Veryfi it realized just how many hours are wasted every month reconciling expenses and keeping track of receipts. Without Veryfi, it would be impossible for Powersoft to reach its growth goals.

    Powersoft knew whatever solution they ultimately settled on would have to work for everyone — from employees in the field to the accountants. To that end, everyone participated in the evaluation process and Veryfi exceeded their expectations. In fact, it was so smooth and simple to use that they adopted Veryfi in short order.

    As a team, Powersoft also decided to abandon manual receipt storage entirely after only a few months of using Veryfi because it’s so reliable and secure. Now they are confident that in the event of an audit they will have all the necessary “paperwork” readily available and easy to access.

    Thanks to Veryfi, we at Powersoft are no longer wasting time reconciling expense reports, and employees have vowed to never return to the days of shoeboxes of receipts, calculators, and massive headaches.

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