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Ultra-rugged smartphones combined with the most intelligent jobsite software solution available.

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Sonim's Ultra-rugged smartphone XP8 running Veryfi's Field Intelligence Platform Software

Sonim XP8 / Veryfi

The right tools to get the job done right

Veryfi’s all-in-one software solution on Sonim’s hardware automates time & material tracking, right in your pocket. Eradicate data entry, recover personal time, and boost your productivity.


Full Suite of Features

Veryfi comes packed with a slate of time saving automation features.

No data-entry

Boost team productivity by automating data-entry, status updates and communication

Sonim Technologies logo Sonim Integration

Sonim ultra-rugged smartphone: YELLOW button starts the app and opens the time card.

Field intelligence

Make better business decisions with actionable real-time data from the field

Auto-pilot mode

Handles clock ins & out, job code allocations and more without you lifting the phone out of your pocket

QuickBooks logo Sync to QuickBooks

Faster payroll and accurate invoices straight into your QuickBooks

Employee Scheduling

Eliminate confusion and provide transparency through smarter project scheduling and crew communication

Floor-by-floor detection

No more missed job code assignments or lost data. Unparalleled accuracy, transparency and confidence. See it

Veryfi Ecosystem

One login. One signin gets you access to all Veryfi apps. Let’s make your life easier and more sophisticated.

Payroll automated

Save thousands on payroll by accurately tracking employee hours on all projects

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About Veryfi, Inc.

Veryfi, Inc. is a California, US-based mobile software automation company founded in December 2016 and backed by Y-Combinator inc other prominent investors in Silicon Valley. Veryfi helps Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) workforce of all sizes to get access to Veryfi’s smart mobile tools to eliminate 90% of time wasted doing data entry (& chasing records), improve job costing and empower their financial prosperity.

About Sonim Technologies

Sonim Technologies is the only US manufacturer of mission-critical smart phone based solutions designed specifically for workers in extreme, hazardous and isolated environments. The Sonim solution includes ultra-rugged mobile phones, business-process applications and a suite of industrial-grade accessories, collectively designed to increase worker productivity, accountability and safety on the job site. Please visit

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Let's make your life easier & more sophisticated?
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