Oracle Netsuite + Veryfi Real-Time OCR, Expense Management and Time Tracking Leading the Industry

Veryfi powers-up your Oracle Netsuite business finances, operations, and customer relations enterprise ERP software with a real-time expense and time solution so you can KO! your competitors.

Expense management into Netsuite without data-entry

KO! your expense data entry. Snap a photo and in seconds all the data from the receipts is extracted accurately, labelled and ready to be expensed. It couldn’t be easier.

Stan Bakonski, CEO, Construction

Eliminate 90% of time wasted chasing records and doing data entry in Netsuite

Precise recording, data-entry automation and reporting of purchase and income activity directly into Netsuite

Real-time OCR< of receipts, bills & invoices with smart categorization fed into Netsuite


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Time tracking into Netsuite without data entry

Auto-pilot mode means I never have to worry about clocking in or out on projects. The app knows when I arrive on a job site to clock me in and out when I go home. It even knows what floor I’m on and job cost code to assign. I love technology!

Andrzej Piłsudski, Subcontractor at Turner Construction

Boost team productivity by eliminating data entry directly into Netsuite with automated geofencing and floor-by-floor detection

Untap jobsite intelligence, transparency and insights, by connecting the field to the office in real-time

Auto-pilot mode handles clock ins & out, job code allocations and more!

Embed Veryfi’s Real-Time Technology into your App

Forget ‘your invoice is in the mail’. Just take a picture of the invoice and in seconds the bill is paid. That’s Snap2Pay using Veryfi’s Real-Time Data Extraction Camera + API. Check it out here:

H/B Halleman Bradley Bank implemented Snap2Pay
Veryfi's Real-Time Scanner TechnologyWorld’s Leading OCR (Optical character recognition) and Capture API with Custom Camera Technology for iOS & Android by Veryfi is now available for you to use inside your products with as little as 3 lines of code.

Upgrade your products with the world’s fastest data extraction engine…

3 seconds! (US benchmarks)

to extract a wealth of data from paper receipts, invoices (including line-by-line), bills, checks (cheques) and business cars.

Veryfi’s AI recognize printed text (OCR) and hand-printed text (ICR) on images, converts image, html and pdf documents to searchable PDF or editable Microsoft Office formats and extracts data from receipts, bills & invoices using Veryfi’s REST API.

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