Truckers ♥ & trust IQBoxy to manage their expenses

Loosing a $1,000 fuel receipt is a thing of the past. Digitize it in real-time and let IQBoxy turn it into actionable data your CPA can use to minimize your taxable income.


Fast — real-time processing

IQBoxy is machine powered end-to-end. IQBoxy extracts data from your receipts and bills in under 3 seconds guaranteed.

Reliable — accurate and fail-safe

IQBoxy is built by expert software engineers with a focus on quality, delightful user experience, security, and software reliability.

Secure – your data is private and safe

All data between you and IQBoxy is AES encrypted in transit and at rest at AWS. IQBoxy is HIPAA and PCI compliant.

About IQBoxy

IQBOXY is a bookkeeper in your pocket. An intelligent system-of-record for your business tax receipts, invoices & purchases. IQBOXY helps remove friction for business owners & self-employed so they can meet their tax obligations, deductions and puts an end to the monthly burden of manual data entry, general ledger coding & reconciliation.

IQBOXY is SAFE; no human eyes prying on your private data. IQBOXY is all machines end-to-end, 0 human intervention with the exception of you. Finally, IQBOXY is SMART. Each interaction you have with IQBOXY it learns from your input and financial health so it can do a better job next time.

14 day free trial. No credit card required.