ToDo Bell Notifications

ToDo Bell Notifications by Veryfi

Have you seen a ringing bell on the Veryfi mobile or web app and wondered what is it?

ToDo Bell Notifications showing 2 Areas that require action

Wonder no longer. The list of notifications shows you what the Veryfi AI missed and requires your input to correct it. Corrections inside the Veryfi products are fed back into the Veryfi AI to train the models that do all the machine calculations on how to treat and label data.

Type of Notifications

  • Missing Category
  • Missing Payment
  • Missing Vendor
  • Duplicate Document
  • Error with your QuickBooks Connection
  • Error with your Xero Connection
  • UnViewed Documents (the ones in bold highlight)
  • UnViewed Reports (the ones in bold highlight)

Did we miss an important one? Let us know as we will add it.

Time span of notifications

The notifications are constrained to the current month only. So you won’t see last month’s notifications. Complete your bookkeeping and close the books each month to make the most of these notifications.


Q. How to turn off the notifications bell?
Outlined here:

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