The world is changing. Consumers demand to know what personal data is collected about them, who is looking at it and where it’s traveling.

Data extraction at scale

If you are looking at solutions for data extraction at volume from financial documents and landed on this page then you are most likely comparing Veryfi to CloudFactory. On the outside, both companies provide this capability, but when you look at the detail the 2 are vastly different. The chart below demonstrates these differences.
Veryfi OCR APICloudFactory
100% software. 100% machine data extraction without humans in the loop.100% humans. Sweatshops based in Nepal and Africa.
Speed of Results3 secondsFrom minutes to hours (depends how much you pay)
Error Rate3%27.5%
Data ExtractedSee below. A lot!Depends what you pay for.
Scaling CapabilitiesInstant. Unlimited.Slow. More labor has to be thrown at it.
CCPA compliant?YesNo
GDPR compliant?YesNo
Free Test DriveYes. Test Drive Veryfi APINo
Veryfi's Data Comprehension vs Competitors like Cloudfactory, Amazon Turk (mTurk) and others
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